Elgin Il Garage Door Installation Service

garage door installation elginFor most of our customers in Elgin Il, garage door installation is an undertaking that seems too complicated to get right, and too fraught with opportunities to make serious mistakes that compromise the function and lifespan of the garage door. That would be a fair assessment for even many of the companies today installing garage doors in the area, but not for us. We have garage door installation down to a science. Every single one of our garage door installation technicians is cross trained to install all makes and model of garage doors and garage door openers at the highest level. From Anozira to Wayne Dalton garage doors, we are the ones to call!

The Most Knowledgeable Technicians

Garage door install jobs should have only well-trained technicians working on them. The balance and stability of a garage door is something must be precise for the door to last. This means thorough preparation must be done in advance. You can’t just wing it. You really need to know the basics of all garage doors and the particulars of each type of garage door. Wood, steel, glass, modern or carriage and all these differences impact the garage door installation process.


You Can’t Cut Corners with Garage Door Installation

Elgin Il garage door services customers would be wise to make sure the garage door company they use that is thorough. All measurements should be taken before any work is done. Both the dimensions of the garage door and the weight must be known. Sometimes extra reinforcement will need to be installed with a new garage door to prevent bending as the door is pulled by the garage door opener. The garage door springs will need to be chosen according to the weight of the door as well. You can rest assured that the manufacturerís directions will be followed to the letter.


Integration with the Garage Door Opener

garage door installation elginWe suggest that all Elgin Il garage door owners make the upgrade to an automatic opener if they have not already. At this point it feels like a necessity. There are some many useful and convenient features in modern garage door openers today. Still, the addition of an opener to a new garage door install does add to the complexity. You will need to take the weight and positioning of the door into account when choosing garage door opener drive type and speed.


Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors have existed for a long time now. They started as doors on stables and barns and were a natural fit for the first car garages. The garage that we all own and use today was first put into use a little over a century ago and the evolution has not slowed down. While the sectional garage door has become by far the most popular, there are now several types of garage door with key distinctions that all homeowners must consider when have a new garage door installed. Elgin Il customers can choose from these garage door types:

Single Panel, also known as the “Up and Over”

This is probably the first modern garage door and in some ways it is actually still a competitive option for new garage door installations. It is usually more affordable and somewhat more secure. They are also more cumbersome to open and require lots of clearance space in front.

Sectional Panel

This is currently the most popular type of garage door worldwide. There is no need to give it lots of space in front since each panel simply moves up or down inside of a track. This door is a collection of horizontal panels that can glide smoothly in the track and flex to accommodate a curve as the door gets closer to the ceiling. The number of panels varies between three and eight.

Carriage Style

The real carriage door swings open in two parts like French doors. A carriage garage door will usually be a sectional panel door designed to look like a wooden carriage.

garage door installation elgin

Garage Door Material


The oldest of the garage door materials an in many ways no other material can give a garage door that classic touch like it. It is heavy so that must be considered when choosing springs and openers. It stands up quite well to minor bumps. Wood garage doors may be more expensive than the rest as well.


Steel garage doors are often more affordable and maintenance free in terms of the effects of the climate. They can get dented fairly easily and depending on your style preferences, you may need to choose a different material. But if economy and low maintenance are your primary criteria, steel makes for a great garage door.


Some styles of aluminum garage door can be very cost effective and are often used to hold glass panels for the most modern style.

New Garage Door Brands We Carry and Install:

  • Amarr
  • Anozira
  • Stanley
  • Raynor
  • Sears
  • Linear
  • Marantec
  • Craftsman
  • Wayne Dalton
  • CHI
  • Mid-America Door
  • 1st United Door